Creating a Safe Environment


 For Disclosure and Authorization Form for Background Check  ~Employee Only


 RBA Staffing Reference Checking Release of Claims ~ Employee Only


Instructions for Employee Safe and Sacred Renewal/First Time Instructions      

To access the safe and sacred on-line training programs: 

1.   Click on the link: - or (cut and paste this into your browse, if the
link doesn't open.)
2.   NOTE: Many of you will NOT remember your USER NAME or PASSWORD, you can click 
a.)  If you click (Yes, help me with my username and password)
      I.      You will be directed to enter an e-mail address;
      II.     The system will generate (2) e-mails.  These will go to the e-mail address you entered.
              *        In the 1st  e-mail, click on the link to confirm you requested an updated password to be sent to the e-mail address, this triggers the 2nd
                       e-mail being sent
              *       The 2nd e-mail will contain your User Name and a temporary Password
       III.     Log into the Safe and Sacred website with this user name and password
              *       If you have technical difficulty when logging in please contact the DOR  Helpdesk at 1-800-844-7177 (or if you would like to call the
                      tech assistance# for Proud to Protect, call 888-804-9643).
3.  Once logged in, you will be directed to (the screen below); select Renewal Training:

4.  After clicking "Renewal Training", the system will bring you to a page that says "You are about to enroll yourself in Continuing Our Commitment to
     Protect course.  Are you sure you wish to do this?"  Click - YES.
5.   Click on "GO"
6.   NOTE: The renewal course is different from the initial (First Time Training) completed originally
7.   Review the course material (course: Continuing Our Commitment to Protect)
8.   Take the quiz  
9.   Verify your acceptance of the Code of Pastoral Conduct
10.  Click "complete your training"  
11.  You are complete when you see the Certificate on the screen
12.  Print the Certificate and give it to your business manager (to be filed in your personnel file) If you have Technical Issues or Questions, please
Technical Help:
DOR Helpdesk #: 1-800-844-7177 Or Proud to Protect (our vendor #): 888-804-9643
Other Questions/Comments:
If you have other questions regarding the content of the renewal program please call Human
Resources at: 585-328-3228, Attention: India Barton x 1215