Parish Retreats

Schedule for the 2017 33 Days to Morning Glory Retreat

Wednesday February 22
Thursday March 2
Tuesday March 7
Thursday March 16
Wednesday March 22
Saturday Mass March 25

 A Message from Chuck Gordinier about

As the parish’s coordinator for the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults, I find the programs available on the
website invaluable. The resources are not only helpful in explaining Catholic beliefs and practices to potential converts,
but they’ve also expanded my knowledge and deepened my faith. Anyone who wants to know the depth and
beauty of our shared faith better would benefit from these well-conceived and inspiring videos. A particular favorite of
mine is the Catholicism programs moderated by Bishop Robert Barron of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.
Bishop Barron is most well-known for his “Word on Fire” series. He has produced 400 online commentaries
about the Catholic faith. In the Catholicism series, Bishop Barron speaks with authority, insight,
and eloquence about our shared faith.

 In the first installment, “Amazed and Afraid,” he explores the amazing truth that Jesus “compels a choice like no other religious figure.” 
We are obligated to choose whether he is the promised messiah and revelation of God become man, or a
dangerous misguided fanatic. Against a backdrop of some of the most beautiful and revered religious sites in the world,
he speaks about the identity of Jesus. At the end of this 50 minute video, you will emerge assured that light
is more powerful than darkness, and that love is more enduring than hate.

News From Our Parish Lighthouse Catholic Media Parish Consultant Peg Dietl

 I am so excited to tell you about 3 major things new for St. Max!

 The 1st new thing-our Parish has invested in two new kiosks, one in St. Mary's parish center, and one in the vestibule of Epiphany... each has the same material. Please try a cd talk, a video, a book, or a booklet, share it with others... consider starting a book club, or hold a movie night. Every 2 months we will take an inventory and exchange unused items for new ones.  There is a complete list of products available on every topic under the sun by each kiosk. Leave a note in the slot on the kiosk if you would like an item(s) from the list. The donations made will be used to restock the kiosk. If we go nuts with this, we can supply the backside of the kiosk as well!

 The 2nd new thing- since St. Max Parish began presenting retreats for adults, starting with "33 Days to Morning Glory", by Fr. Michael Gaitley, attendees have clamored for more. Our current retreat, and it is a great one... "Divine Mercy in the 2nd Greatest Story Ever Told" is a "breathtaking journey combining history, Scripture, prophecy, and the lives of the saints to show God's merciful love for you!" This retreat is for everyone. There is no homework! We meet on Wednesday nights to watch the amazing video, and then have small group discussions on the questions provided! The topic is based on the lives of St. Faustina, St. Maximilian Kolbe and St. Pope John Paul II, and why he brought us Divine Mercy Sunday...why this is the time of mercy! It began on September 14, and will conclude on November 16th... just before the end of the Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy! We are currently into the 7th week... but good news...  you can watch the videos that you may have missed on FORMED at your convenience and come to any or all "Movie" nights and join in on the conversation! Lives are being transformed and our faith is growing in leaps and bounds! We also laugh and have made many friends!

The 3rd new thing... we have purchased a program called FORMED.

Yup... every member of this parish has access for free to this website.

Every family or parishioner must create an account using your email and our Parish Code.

 FIRST, go to 

 NEXT, click on Log-in.

 THIRD, type in your email, and

 FOURTH, type in our Parish Code: you need to get this information from Kathy in the Parish Office!

Our retreat is on the FORMED website... however if you would still like to buy your own copy of the workbook or the book The Second Greatest Story Ever Told, written by Fr. Michael Gaitley.... just let Peg Dietl know. It is not too late to join the group for Divine Mercy in the 2nd Greatest Story Ever Told. It is awesome!!!!!

So you ask, why any/or all of these materials? The Lighthouse Catholic Media people, a non-for-profit organization, have found a way to reach the parishioner wherever he is; at home, in church, on the go in the car, etc.... and there has been fabulous evidence from around the world, that this new way of communicating has led many people back into the pews on the weekends! Let's pray for this new ministry so that many of our lost and non-believers will make their way home to God. There will be more information coming about FORMED in the next few weeks. Thank you for reading!

 As always, have a beautiful faith-filled day! Your Parish Consultant, Peg Dietl