Funeral Information

Planning of Funeral Mass

      The first step is to contact our parish office at (315) 524-2611

      The family will be asked to choose four hymns, one old testament text, one responsorial psalm, one new testament text
       and one page of Intercessions for the Funeral Mass.

      You will be asked to have three readers, three gift barriers to bring up offertory gifts. The parish will provide two
      communion  cup ministers . You may use your family or friends of the family if already trained  (Optional) You may  
      choose a person to do the Eulogy. 

  Helpful planning links below:

  Funeral Mass ~ Planning Sheet

  Choose from and indicate which family member will read:

  Scripture Readings
  Old Testament Readings -PDF
  First Reading /OT  -PDF
  New Testament Readings  -PDF
  Gospel Reading  -PDF

  Old Testament Readings -Word Format
  First Reading /OT  -Word Format
  New Testament Readings -Word Format
  Gospel Reading -Word Format -Word Format

Common Use

  Hymns (choose an Entrance, Presentation of Gifts, Communion, and Recessional)

  Responsorial Psalm
  Responsorial Psalm Refrain

  Funeral Program

  Ready to Use ~ Printable Program Template - word format

  Ready to Use ~ Printable Program Template - pdf format 

  (not necessary, but optional to use if you desire to create a Program)